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Churches have made up approximately 50% of my work for the past 30 years.

I am familiar with: new buildings, remodels, ADA compliance, elevator installation, Acoustic engineering, Energy standards, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, basically all phases of building construction.

I am interested in helping clients achieve their building related goals with a quality life enhancing space while exploring cost analysis and keeping within the designated budget.


Dillingham SDA, 180 seats

Craig SDA, 120 seats

British Columbia:

Resthaven SDA, 300 seats

Winfield SDA, 250 seats


Port Charlotte SDA, 350 seats

North Port SDA 180 seats


Antioch SDA, 650 seats, 45,000 sq. ft.

St. James Episcopal Church (remodel)

Sacramento Central SDA (Kitchen remodel)

Stockton Filipino SDA, 300 seats

Hollister SDA

Rio Lindo Academy SDA, 500 seats

Calvary Temple, Sacramento, 250 seats

Waterford SDA, 250 seats


Reno SDA, 300 seats

Sparks SDA 300 seats

West Virginia:

Martinsburg SDA, 400 seats


Damascus SDA, 350 seats

Washington State:

Chehalis, WA

North Cascade Church
Sedro, WA

Abundant life SDA, Wenatchee, 250 seats, 18,000 sq. ft.

Shoreline SDA (remodel)

North Cascades SDA 350 seats, 18,000 sq. ft.

Shelton SDA 300 seats

Lacey SDA 250 seats

Bonney Lake SDA 250 seats

River of Live church, Renton, 500 seats

Freewill Baptist Church, 180 seats

Enumclaw Hope Lutheran Church, remodel

Graham SDA, 100 seats

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church church church
church  church   church
church church Abundant Life Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Sacramento Central SDA Church, Kitchen remodel

St. James Episcopal Church, 2,000 sq. ft. addition, CA.

Chehalis S.D.A. Church, Installed elevator, WA

Reno S.D.A. Church, 400 seat, new church 32,000 sq. ft. NV.

North Cascade S.D.A. Church, 350 seat, church, 18,000 s.f. WA.

Antioch S.D.A. Church, 650 Seats 45,000 sq. ft. CA.

Chehalis S.D.A. Church, new church, 24,000 sq. ft. WA.

Resthaven S.D.A. Church, new church, 300 seats 18,000 sq. ft., BC.

Filipino S.D.A. church 300 seats 18,000 sq. ft., CA.

Martinsburg S.D.A. Church, new 500 seat church, WV.

Sparks S.D.A. Church, new church 300 seats, NV.

Hollister, S.D.A. Church, New Church 300 seats, CA.

Damascus S.D.A. Church, new church, 350 seats, MD.

Rio Lindo Academy Church, New church, seating 500, CA.

Port Charlotte S.D.A. Church, Remodel 350 seat church, FL.

Calvary Temple, Sacramento CA. Remodel 300 seat church, CA.

Shelton, S.D.A. Church, New church, 300 seats, WA.